Weekend Trip

Taking a (almost) 10 month old on a road trip and figuring out what to feed her (and yourself) can be stressful. We took a last minute trip up to Whistler for a much needed long weekend away. We left at about 5:00 on a Friday afternoon and came back on Monday.

I packed a few jars of food, some cheese, formula and bottles of water, figuring I would feed Karina jarred food when she wasn't eating what we were eating and then buy some fruit once we got there.

Friday was a looooooong night. Karina slept for the first hour and a half or so, when we stopped and got McDonald's for us and gave her a jar of Earth's Best Vegetable Beef Pilaf. She had a little water and then was good to go for about another 30 minutes when we had to stop again to give her a bottle. Then she luckily slept for the rest of the trip :)

The next morning we got up, gave her a bottle and then went to the base of Blackcomb mountain. We found a great little breakfast place and sat her in the high chair. I ordered a couple eggs (scrambled) with wheat toast, home fries, sun dried tomato sausage and some fruit. I forgot her placemat that sticks the table in the car, so I had to hand feed her some of my breakfast, because if I give her a plate, she just picks it up and turns it over. She loved the sausage! She even tasted her dad's pancakes.

Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating, so we couldn't enjoy the hiking trails around Whistler Village. We went shopping instead :) and watched some of a mountain biking competition. For lunch Tim and I had pizza and gave her a jar of baby food and some cheese. We went to the grocery store to get some food for dinner. We bought rotisserie chicken, premade butternut squash ravioli with pesto, some watermelon, french bread and hummus. We had dinner in our condo. Karina love the pesto and loved the watermelon even more!

The next day it was cloudy again, so we went back to Whistler Village and explored a little more. We gave Karina breakfast before we left (some Earth's Best oatmeal mixed with jar of apples and bananas) and some cheese of course :) We had some hummus, bread and prosciutto. For lunch we decided to sit down at the base of Whistler mountain, so we could watch the mountain bikers come down the mountain. They didn't really have anything healthy for Karina on the menu and ordering an entire child's meal for her is too much at this stage, so we gave her a jar of food and a Zwiebak biscuit while we ate our sandwiches and fries. She tried some fries too and loved them of course :)

For dinner we decided to have a nice meal out. Unfortunately the restaurant we chose was not so nice. It had good reviews, but when we got there they were out of almost everything! I was going to order a steak with a potato and steamed veggies, so Karina could share with me and Tim was going to order a roast chicken entree, but they were out of both! Instead, we got a couple of appetizers and gave Karina jarred food again along with a couple pieces of Tim's shortribs.

Breakfast the next morning made up for it! The sun came out (of course on our last day) and we had an amazing breakfast outside. I had a steak hash with poached eggs. Mmmmmm....Karina enjoyed the steak and potatoes along with some of Tim's french toast :)

We drove to Vancouver for lunch. I had sushi and Tim had steak terriyaki. We've had dinner a couple of times at sushi places and Karina has had plenty to eat. I give her the tofu from my miso soup (cooled down of course) and Tim gives her some terriyaki, rice and veggies from his meal. She loves it!

We stopped on the road to give her a jar of Tender Chicken and Stars from Earth's Best. I think its her favorite or she was really hungry.

We are very lucky that Karina is not picky! My parents were visiting last week and she tried salmon (I made pesto with basil, garlic, Parmesan, olive oil and lemon zest, slathered the salmon with it, enclosed in foil and cooked on the grill), halibut (from fish and chips), and boerevors (a South African farmer's sausage- which you can get at Uli's in Pike's Market). Her favorite food is cheese. No matter what you give her, cheese is always the first to go. So far, I've given her feta, parmesan, cheddar and aged gouda. Just like her mom, she hasn't found a cheese she doesn't like :)

Please write me with comments or tips you have for traveling with little ones!