Most of us don't even have time to eat breakfast ourselves in the morning, but having a child now means that we have to get breakfast together for them at least, even if we still don't eat it:)

Karina's favorite breakfast by far is eggs. I just stir up an egg with some shredded cheese and then add in whatever we have in the fridge (leftover chicken, green onions, or sliced tomatoes), put it in the microwave for a minute and breakfast! I give her a little wheat toast and some blueberries and she is a happy little girl. I put her high chair in the kitchen, so I can watch her while I get the rest of her food and bottles ready for the day.

She also eats oatmeal mixed with cut up peaches and yogurt (yes all together) or cottage cheese with cut up plums and blackberries. I've stopped giving her Zwibak biscuits right now because she keeps biting large chunks and choking on them.

We'll have to try those again when she has a better command of how big of a bite she can handle. Right now she loves to shove as much food in her mouth as possible.

I found a couple of more sites that may be helpful in the quest to find more options for kids. There are not that many out there, so if anyone has any suggestions e-mail me and let me know.