Holiday eating...

With all the food, shopping, and rushing around it can be hard to make sure the little ones get the nutritious food they need. I've been buying more and more prepared food. Earth's best makes frozen whole wheat waffles (I found them at Ballard Market). I've been giving those to Karina for breakfast made in the toaster oven with peanut butter (or almond butter - found cheapest in the organic section of Fred Meyer, still more expensive than peanut butter though) and then some cut up banana. Easy and fast.

She has been shunning meat these past couple of weeks. Maybe the turkey leg was too much :) The only meat she seems to eat are sausages. So I've been buying some chicken sausages and turkey sausages. Karina has really taken to polenta. I buy the already made polenta in tubes that you can by in the grocery store. I chop it up, put it in a saucepan with some milk (keep adding until its the consistency you want), a little butter and then a handful of shredded parmesan. On a bath night, I put some of the polenta on the tray with some shredded beef mixed in and started scooping it up with a spoon! Of course some of it was thrown on the floor and walls, but she ate it.

Using frozen vegetables is such a timesaver! Especially in the morning when we are putting Karina's lunch together to bring to childcare. While she's eating breakfast, I just put some frozen lima beans in a bowl, cover them with water and microwave for 2 minutes. Include that with some whole wheat toast, leftover chicken or sausage and you have lunch! For snacks I've discovered the Safeway Organics vegetable crackers (in the baby section), which Karina loves. Those along with a cheese stick and some cut up apple or grapes and snacks are all set.

I've been giving Karina tastes of other foods when we go out or are at a party. She loves to taste the different kinds of cheese (especially brie), loves olives and even pickles! Giving her different tastes and texture hopefully will open her palate to eating a wide variety of foods. It seems to go in waves - what she will eat and what she won't, so if your little one isn't eating something, keep trying, they may eventually decide they like it. Happy Holidays!

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