New city, new recipes...

Sorry for the absence but have been living in chaos for the past couple of months and I'm finally starting to even out. I moved cross the country, back to Massachusetts, where I grew up. No more fresh Pacific salmon or Dungeness crab and amazing Asian food every where you turn. But, I have traded that for "lobstah," Hoodsies, Italian ice and amazing Italian food everywhere you turn.

Groceries are cheaper (even before you count the fact that there is no tax on food!), but my time is even more limited. I am at home with the 3 kiddos and we often have to pick up my husband at work, which cuts into the cooking time, since everyone is hungry when we get home. I have been trying to prep everything while the kids nap, but considering my bedroom is still filled with boxes, I often don't have the energy for that :)

I have been making more Asian food - yummy lettuce wraps with shrimp (marinated in rice wine vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, lemon zest, ginger and garlic) with shredded carrots and cabbage (bought pre-shredded of course) marinated in the same mixture. Easy and very yummy. I served it with brown rice, cilantro and green onions.

Last weekend I made a stir fry with some leftover beef from a pot roast I made earlier in the week, with broccoli, edamame, soy sauce, a little balsamic vinegar, ginger and some of Trader Joe's sweet and spicy chili sauce. So good and easy.

Once we are a little more settled in, I'll finally get back to menu planning. The boys (now almost 11 months old) are eating basically what we do, which is making things much easier, but it is still a pain to cut everything up small. Can't wait until they can deal with bigger pieces of things! Karina keeps telling me I'm a good cooker, but all she wants to do is snack and not eat meals :( I probably should just call everything a snack.

More posts hopefully coming...with pictures.