New blogs

I've slowly been exploring blogs about food and life in the Boston area and here are a couple I've found so far:
- Some good recipes, info on farmer's markets and what to do with kids in the Boston area. - Giving me some insight into food/restaurants in our new area.

Other's I've just started following: - Made the chicken blackbean soup last week. So good! Karina even helped me make it because you just throw a bunch of cold ingredients into a crockpot and let it cook all day! - for nostalgia for life and good food in Seattle! This is a must for a Seattle foodie. - Great blog on restaurants in San Fransisco!

I'll put these on my blog roll to the right, so you can always access them. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I'm also taking suggestions on best restaurant in the Boston area for my 10th wedding anniversary in September. We are not going away anywhere so figured we would splurge on fabulous night out. Thoughts?