Happy New Year!

Are the holidays over yet? Just kidding. I love Christmas and New Years, but with two sick 18 month olds (who gave me their cold!) it has not been the relaxing Norman Rockwell like week I was hoping for :) But really, when is it?

Due to my cold, the boys colds and general holiday stresses, no new blog this week. Here is a link to my recipes from last year's New Year's Eve dinner.  I made the potato leek soup on Christmas eve for our family night of appetizers. Today I am roasting a turkey (they were only 49 cents a pound at the grocery store!) for tonight along with some sweet potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce, which will give us some great leftovers, so that we can just relax this weekend! Yesterday I made roasted chicken with the leftover dipping sauce from the pigs in a blanket I made on Christmas eve (brown mustard, honey, balsamic vinegar). More later when I come out of my cold haze and reappear all healthy in the new year :)

Happy 2012 everyone! May it be a great year for us all!

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