Birthdays. We all have them and celebrate them for our loved ones. On the eve of my twin boys 2nd birthday, I'm still figuring out what the menu will be. They can't really tell me yet what they want to eat. One of them is a human vacuum and eats anything and everything you put in front of him. The other is very picky and would live on a liquid diet if I let him. So I'm basically allowing my 4.5 year old dictate since she definitely has an opinion :)

Someone previously asked me about serving food at birthday parties where adults and children will be present. Here is the link to the previous post (with photos from the boys' 1st birthday party). Make your own pizza, tacos, Asian lettuce wraps are easy entertaining ideas. Thinking about what the boys like and input from Karina and Pinterest :) I have decided on a hot dog bar for the family party (with tuna salad as an option for pescetarian guests and vegetarian chili for the vegetarians) I am making onion rings, chili and cole slaw for toppings, including the common ketchup, mustard and relish. The hot dogs can stay warm in the crock pot. I'm serving with smiley face fries (special for the boys), sweet potato fries, fruit salad and of course 2 cakes, each with Lightening McQueen all over them.

Tomorrow is their actual birthday and the plan is for Karina and I to make whole wheat banana muffins for breakfast and then I'll give them chicken nuggets for lunch (which they love) and we'll make some pizza for dinner. I'll have to throw in some smoothies here and there to make sure they getting some nutritious food and won't be cranky.

My suggestion for kids birthdays - keep the food simple and nutritious. If they like pasta, make pasta. If they like pizza, have pizza. Don't stress! or at least try not to :) It should be a fun celebration for all. You survived another year as a parent. That is something!

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