How about fish tonight?

In my continual quest to eat healthier, I have been a little worried about the coming Fall. I love fall comfort food but not the calories that are in some of my favorites :) I have worked fish into our diet at least once a week, twice if there is a good sale and hope to keep that up over the fall. Mainly I cook cod and salmon, but recently tried a new recipe with tilapia. I ordered cod through Peapod but they gave me tilapia by mistake (and were very nice about that and a couple other wrong items, which they took off the bill + gave me an extra $3 for gas in case I needed to run to the store).

 Take about a pound of tilapia, cod or other white fish and 1st coat with mixture of 2-3 tbs melted butter with juice of 1/2 a lemon and then coat with mixture of about 1/3 cup corn meal, thyme, zest of one lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Put the coated fish into a baking dish and into a 375 degree oven, after spraying it with olive oil cooking spray, for about 15-20 minutes or until flakey.
 I served it with mashed potatoes and roasted zucchini. Kids loved the fish! I know, I know, all the butter probably doesn't make it the healthiest in the world, but you could use slightly heated olive oil mixed with the lemon juice or lemon zest (heat allows the lemon juice to permeate the olive oil a little more than if cold) or even try egg white. I make my mashed potatoes with a couple of tablespoons of low fat cream cheese and 1% milk and roasted the zucchini with salt, pepper and olive oil spray.

Tip: On occasion I actually implement the tips I find on Pinterest and this one definitely helps so that you don't have to spend money on cooking sprays anymore. Make your own cooking spray. So far the olive oil one has worked well for me.